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Made in Canada

De Luca's Anfibio winter boots are handcrafted in Canada. They guarantee long lasting comfort and durability. Our aim is to produce the warmest and luxurious handmade walking boots on earth. De Luca's footwear provides extraordinary all handmade craftsmanship combined with modern technology that give our boots unparalleled quality and world class comfort. Once you experienced the comfort you will never go back to anything else.

Waterproof winter boots

Anfibio leathers are extremely resistant offering you all the qualities that you look for in a winter boot: Comfort, durability and stain resistance. Anfibio waterproof quality is the result of a unique treatment that permanently bonds chemical substances to each fiber within the leather.

For maximum comfort, Anfibio leathers allows perspiration vapors to dissipate maintaining your feet warm and dry. All stitches are sealed in order to avoid water penetration.

Anfibio leather dries quickly and naturally and maintains it's suppleness. It's resistance to calcium is superior to other leathers. Anfibio leathers have been certified as waterproof and has undergone more than 15 000 flexes on the bally penetrometer.

Manufacturing Process

Green fibre

steel shank provides added arch support.

A layer of Texon maintains the midsoles rigidity.

Thinsulatetm thermal insulation assures warmth and dryness for your feet.

A layer of wool built-in our innersoles provides an additional heat source.

Wool or shearling lining.

A flexible boxtoe is placed under the upper.  This boxtoe possesses the characteristic of being waterproof and capable to take back it's original shape once folded, thus, assuring the upper's firmness.

In order to increase the upper's firmness as well as the life of our Anfibio boots, an adhesive waterproof backer is placed under the boxtoe.

A pigskin leather counter pocket reduces the tear and wear caused by friction.

Wool or shearling lining.

A counter offers the rigidity needed for the comfort of your feet.

A bellow tongue prevents the entry of water.

The waterproof quality of our Anfibio leathers is the result of a chemical process which permanently bonds waterproof substances to each fibre.

Our Anfibio leathers allow perspiration vapors to dissipate thus providing maximum foot dryness and comfort.  Our leathers will dry naturally overnight thus ensuring they will dry soft and be less prone to cracking.

All our Anfibio leathers have been certified waterproof by surpassing 15,000 flexes on the Bally penetrometer.

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