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Can I put my boots near the heater so they’ll dry more quickly?

Always allow your boots to dry away from a direct heat source. Drying your boots near a heater, for example, could cause the solvents used to cement the soles to re-activate and increase the risk that they become unglued.

How do I remove salt stains from my boots?

If your Anfibio boots have salt stains, we recommend applying a damp cloth directly on the fresh stains, then letting your boots dry.

How do I clean and protect the leather of my boots?

A damp cloth is all you need to look after your Anfibio boots. Anfibio boots do NOT require polish, leather protectors or cleaning products. In fact, the use of certain products may damage the leather’s texture and performance.
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How can leather be waterproof?

The leather used to make Anfibio boots is given a unique treatment that permanently bonds chemical substances to each fibre within the leather. In addition, all stitches are sealed to avoid water penetration. Anfibio leather has undergone more than 15 000 flexes on the Bally penetrometer and is thus certified waterproof.

Where can I find Anfibio boots?

Anfibio boots are available at most major shoe retail chains. They are also sold in quality independent shoe stores across Québec. To find the store closest to you, use our search engine on this Web site or call our offices in Montréal at 514-279-4541.

A quality product

The perfect marriage between technology and quality.  At De Luca, we take pride to emphasize both comfort and warmth.  We don't accept anything less than the highest quality materials to provide comfortable, warm boots.  All our models offer optimum protection against the elements of the Canadian winters.  Our boots are comfortable, casual, useful, functional and versatile enough for everyday use.  Walking in the cold weather becomes a real pleasure.  

All our boots are carefully handmade here in Montreal, according to the strict standards of our company president Vincenzo Passarelli.  At the age of 71 and with 59 years of experience he continues to participate in the daily management of factory operations.  Take a look at our shop!

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